Self-Adhesive Camouflage Tape

Brand: Go Outdoor Living

Product Code: 03C9V916EVFN00FLTA

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This is a perfect camouflage wrape for covering your gun, rifles, bows, flashlights and other gear. Flexible, self-cling wrap stretches to conform to any object, without affecting functional controls. Multi-functional military camouflage camo form. The tape is not only useful for the military but also excellent for anyone working outdoors.
- Color: Green Camouflage.
- Material: Non woven.
- Size: Approx. 450 * 5cm.
- Self-adhesive elastic contraction, sticks to itself and leaves no sticky residue when removed.
- Perfect used for basic covering of items like hunting guns, knife handles, or to deck out your paintball/airsoft guns
- Non-woven fabric material, can wrap and conform to any shape,dramatically improves grip and insulates hands from hot or cold surfaces.
- Excellent as a concealment aid, can reduces any glare or shine of the object.