3pcs/Set Cleaning Brush

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3pcs Handy Brush Stainless Steel Nylon Brass Wire Brushes Cleaning 17cm Long

- Useful for cleaning & light scrubbing.
- Suitable for cleaning jobs and removal of flaking paint, rust or dirt.
- Many use around home,garden and workshops.
- Angled head for reaching awkward locations.
- With comfortable soft grip handles.
- Brushes have a total length of 17cm (6.7")
- Include 3 types of brushes:Steel Brush/Brass Brush/Nylon Brush

Steel brush suitable for: Paint,Rust and Corrosion removal on metal.
Brass Brush Suitable for : Light metal,Enging spark plugs and Battery cleaning.
Nylon brush suitable for: Plastic and upholstery cleaning, Car dash trim and vents

Package Dimensions:(Length*Width*High): 170(mm)*20(mm)*20(mm) / 6.69(in)*0.79(in)*0.79(in)

Package Including:
1 x Steel Brush
1 x Brass Brush
1 x Nylon Brush