6pcs/lot Stingers Arrow Head

Brand: Go Outdoor Living

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6 pcs/lot Hunting Stingers Arrow Head Recurve Bow Hunting Arrowhead Glass Carbon Steel Aluminum Arrow Shaft Universal
1: 100% brand new, good quality, qualified
2: China big names sporting goods
3: a large number of stock, factory direct
4: price tag, not false and misleading discounts
5: lowest whole network
6: Glass fiber carbon steel aluminum and other materials common.
7: dust or scratches, not as a complaint is justified, which is hunting tool, not asking too much.
8:Products suitable for glass fiber and aluminum arrow shaft
9:Single weight 6.5g (100 grid) total length of 5.2cm, blade thickness 0.7mm, the overall diameter of the arrow 2.1cm

Very dangerous, very sharp, prey will not stop bleeding.