Foam Fishing Floats

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Product Type: Fishing Float
Size: 8cm, 9.5cm, 15cm
Float Type: Moving Float
Drifting Tail Type: Hard Tail
Type: 15pcs assorted Sizes
Shape: As show
Plastic Type: Plastic
Model Number: As show
Material: Plastic
Position: Sea, Rockg, Ice, Stream , lake fishing
Category: As show
Name: Fishing Lure Floats,fishing supplies Fishing Tools
Comment: Cost effective,good
Appliance: Sea fishing, Rock fishing,Ice fishing,Stream,lake fishing ect
Fuction: articulos de pesca
Material: Plastic Float
Drifting Tail Type: Hard Tail
Category: Stream Float
Shape: Round
Target Fish: catfish, perch blackfish, grass carp and other fish