Stainless Steel Wire Saw

Brand: Go Outdoor Living

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This is a cable saw consists of two PVC handes and a stainless steel that can be used for cutting wood, plastic, bone, rubber and soft metal. Suitable for hunter, fisher, camper, explorer, emergency, other outdoor activities & family use, etc.


- Color: As shown
- Material: Metal and plastic
- Saw Length: 55-60cm
- Made of Stainless Steel Wire, anti-rust and durable
- Good quality, saw blade sharp, small size, flexible and lightweight, easy to carry.
- Finger saw with plastic handles pulling ring, easy to use.
- Can be used for cutting wood, plastic, rubber and soft metal, fit for camping, hunting, fishing and exploring, ect.
- Direction:using saw to make a flexible knot on cutting object,place both thumb on either side of the ring,do v-shaped incision back and forth pulling